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Національна академія аграрних наук України
ННЦ Інститут землеробства НААН
XXX Міжнародна агропромислова виставка «АГРО-2018»

Institute of Plant Protection - the main institution of the Scientific Center. Provides a wide range of studies on plant protection and coordinates their implementation in Ukraine.


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Main scientific achievements:

  • monitoring and prediction systems of major pests of plants;
  • crops protection system from locust;
  • integrated protection of winter and spring wheat and sugar beet;
  • technology laboratory rearing Trichogramma and other entomophagous insects;
  • Technology Low-tonnage production of microbial products;
  • protection technology of vegetable crops in open and closed ground and orchard with the predominant use of biological agents;
  • test methods and use of pesticides;
  • algorithm systematically analyze the behavior of modern pesticides in plants, soil and water;
  • rapid assessment techniques and selection of plant forms of group resistance to pathogens;
  • model creating resistant varieties of potatoes to the Colorado beetle and late blight and wheat to major pests and pathogens.


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